About Us

Eyal Aharoni

Founder & CEO

Chairman of the Israeli purchasing & logistics managers association

Over 25 years of experience in command and management of procurement and  logistics systems in the Israeli Security Agency and the Israel National Police

.Retired from service as a Colonel

A thorough understanding of the needs of the security organizations in the context of

the supply chain in routine

.and emergency situations

Purchasing management in the scope of billions of shekels in Israel and abroad, with an emphasis on technological procurement

Familiarity and experience with regulation in the US and Europe in the context of usage declarations and export licenses, as part of the realization of purchasing abroad

Leading significant structural and process changes - consolidating procurement bodies, building annual work plans, institutionalizing supporting bodies and processes for enforcing agreements with suppliers, and leading an outsourcing project to store inventory worth hundreds of millions of shekels

Boaz Gilad

Founder & Chairman

Over 25 years of managerial and command experience in the Israeli Security Agency and the Israel National Police, in complex and sensitive positions in Israel and abroad.

Retired from service as Major General.

Responsibility for hundreds of employees and managing budgets over 2 billion NIS a year.

Management experience of complex and challenging systems, formulation and execution of work plans, while meeting performance objectives and quality of service.

Extensive experience in orderly staff work, managing a wide range of fields, from field management, through senior management, training, control, human resources, headquarters and operations.

Extensive experience in leading large-scale efficiency and savings processes, combining innovation with activity, wide management of interfaces and wide-ranging acquaintance with various entities in the economy.



Why us

Our wide range of personal, managerial and professional backgrounds enables us to diagnose companies and organizations in a manner that will ensure performance improvement, economic efficiency and the ability to deal with a wide range of challenges in the various fields of activity, while providing guidance to managers and executives

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